About Us

Janet and Joan are located in Virginia under the kennel name Wyndhamhill Great Pyrenees. They have been involved in the Great Pyrenees world since 1985.  They have both shown and judged sweepstakes at the GPCA National Specialty, and breed one litter every few years.

Noticing early on that there were not many Great Pyrenees items available to purchase, they formed friendships and relationships with some of the best artists and vendors of Great Pyrenees artwork and have expanded that network to include over 50 breeds (and counting!).

If you have any questions about Our Dog Bleu products please contact Janet and Joan at joan-janet@ourdogbleu.com.

For more information on the Great Pyrenees Club of America, or to just see more pictures and activities you can do with your Great Pyrenees, please go to the Great Pyrenees Club of America site:   https://www.greatpyrenees.club.

Pictures below:  Janet in red showing, and Joan cuddling a pyrenees newborn puppy